3rd and Last Quote

The last quote I’m gonna share with you from the “Three Day Quote Challenge” is one that I discussed with my mom the other day.

Basically, our conversation revolved around how easily manipulated we are as humans, and how we all have very different conceptions of reality. The world is one way, but no single human on Earth can see what the world truly looks like. Many of us try to get as much knowledge about the world as possible, but our own reality is only a picture of the world seen through our own eyes.

There are many problems in this world. I could list the hundreds of terrible things going on in this blog post, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not gonna go very deep right now, so all there’s left for now is just for me to share the quote with you 🙂

“I know one thing: That I know nothing.”

— Socrates

You guys might know this as the “Socratic paradox”. However, when I really think about it, it does actually make sense. Of course, it’s hard for little me to fully grasp the meaning behind the quote, but I do think it’s important for every single one of us to realise that we have many flaws in our perception of things. So maybe we shouldn’t focus so much on being right all the time. The most important thing really is to live and be kind to each other ^_^

How do you understand this quote?

Thanks for reading,

  • Emmy ❤

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