How much does your name mean to you?

I like my name. A lot. Especially my first name. And my full name says a lot about my family and my ethnicity etc., which is great. But HOW important is my name really, and would I mind if it was any different?

Btw, if you guys like mindblowing and cool videos, I suggest you check out the channel Vsauce, if you haven’t already. Here’s his video on names, which is pretty damn cool.

What if I changed my name?

Alright, so I’m not gonna go into detail, but for reasons I have considered changing my name (and I still might). To be specific, my last name. But how would that affect me, and do I really care about my last name? Hmmm, I honestly wouldn’t say so. Sure, my last name has become a part of me throughout my last 18 years of existence, but I wouldn’t stress too much about changing it to another name.

Since this is how I feel towards my own last name, I didn’t think about it very deeply. But when I asked my younger sister whether she (again, for reasons) would consider changing her last name along with me, she immediately said no. To her, her last name was really a big part of her identity, and she couldn’t even imagine changing it. Interesting, huh? I’ve witnessed several people throughout my life who have gotten either new first or last names. Some people reacted very strongly to it (and hated the idea of having to refer to them differently), whereas others didn’t break a single sweat (this is mostly how I react to it).

And then I thought about the future, if I were to marry one day. Would I switch out my last name to that of my husband’s? Hmmm, I thought, that would depend on the name, wouldn’t it xD? If I liked it, sure, I would change it. But if not, I would probably just keep my own name and maybe make him switch his name instead if he wanted to.

Do you like your name? What does it mean to you, and how would you think about changing it? Lemme know your thoughts !

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The Second Quote

Loooool, I’m totally failing this challenge already! Okay, it’s not that bad, but I did indeed forget to post my second quote yesterday. Oh well, today it is then.

Today, the quote I will share with you goes as follows:

Fortune favours the prepared mind

– Louis Pasteur

This one I actually heard from my older sister. And as I have grown older and older, the quote has simply seemed to hold more and more true. I also like to say: Luck favours the prepared. This quote I actually feel is even more applicable to my life and it’s a good one to keep in mind imo.

Tomorrow is my first day at university. AAAH I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Wish me luck, guys ^^!

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The 3-day quote challenge

A few months ago (I guess this is the perfect time to say sorry for being MIA) I was nominated by the lovely Preeti @katdesigndiary to do the so-called 3 days Quote Challenge. The rules are simple. You have to post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 bloggers in each post.


I believe many of us love some specific quotes for a few different reasons. Today, I will share a quote from a recent obsession of mine. One of my all-time favourite video games Uncharted 4. If you’re not much of a gamer, I still recommend watching a playthrough, as it is at least just as stunning, entertaining and relevant to watch as any movie playing at the theatres these days.


So as of today, I’m only sticking to one quote. Originally, this is actually Sir Francis Drake’s motto. Translated literally: “Thus great things from small things (come)”. 

So there you go! No matter where you are right now, remember that even the biggest tree was never massive to begin with. Allow yourself and all your creations to grow, and you will see it bloom.

Now before I leave you, I need to nominate 3 bloggers.




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