The Little Joys in Life

These days, I’m going through a quite anxious time in my life. My final exams are just around the corner, and I’m daily feeling a lot of mixed emotions. I’m excited, scared, happy, sad, anxious, relaxed, grateful, insecure, ready to take on the world, and the list goes on… All at the same time. At first, I felt like writing a post complaining about how stressful all of this feels. But instead, I’ve decided to write out a list of these little joys in my life that I’ve either experienced lately or maybe even daily. So here goes!

1. Eating Delicious Meals Every Single Day


Now, I’m a HUGE foodie. I appreciate every single meal I have but I do consider myself especially lucky, since my mom is an amazing cook! She rarely cooks the same meal twice. I literally eat something different for dinner every single day except a few favourite meals ūüėČ Also, I take my time to cook really nice meals for myself for breakfast and lunch. I’m gonna make a post all about my breakfasts in the future so stay tuned!

2. I Love My School And My Friends

My school may not look like much, but I’ve gotta say that I love it. Two years ago, I went to a high school that I absolutely hated. I’m so fortunate that I got to change schools and meet so many new friends. I’ve learned so, so much and it’s the first school I’ve went to that I truly loved. I’m blessed to get an education and I even get it for free (education is free in Denmark – even universities!!!). Most importantly, I have the best friends ever and nothing in this world could ever replace them ‚̧

3. I’ve Spent Easter With My Whole Family

I love my family to pieces. This Easter, we all got together and they’re a huge part of my life. Every time we get together, we learn something new about each other, because we can talk openly about anything and everything. I still suck at expressing my feelings from time to time, but we always do our best to open ourselves up and I think that’s really important.

4. Video Games

There will always be those people who think that video games are stupid, but I’ve just got to say: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES! They’re truly one of my joys in life. I know I should’ve been studying during the Spring break, but I did take out a few hours to play Alien: Isolation.

5. K-Pop And Korean Entertainment

Some people are gonna LOVE this and some people are gonna HATE this, but: I’m BTS trash. THERE! I’VE SAID IT! I’m BTS trash. Other than that, I’ve been a big fan of k-pop since way back when SHINee were still singing “noona neomu yeppeo” and I also love Korean entertainment in general. Yesterday, I watched last year’s Korean blockbuster called¬†Assassination¬†with my sister. If you haven’t seen it, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! It’s pure gold. Thank you internet for giving me access to entertainment from the other side of the world ‚̧

6. Children’s Movies

Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, I don’t care, I love it all! Children’s movies make the world a better place. My personal favourite is The Lion King. Nothing beats that movie, srsly.

7. Surprises!

We are met with surprises all the time! Surprises can of course both be positive and negative, but I still wanted to include this. I really value surprises. In fact, I can’t wait to find out what surprises tomorrow will bring.


What are your favourite little joys in life? Don’t hesitate to let me know! ^_^

Thanks for reading,

  • Emmy xo





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