The first post

Vandalism (not really) in Belfast, by me >:Dimage

My first class in the IB was an English class. Our teacher forced our class to set up our own blogs, and he would assess our writing skills through the things we would post on there. However, I’m gonna graduate in a little less than two months. So I’ve decided that I want to continue blogging, just for fun, as I’m soon going to move out and start a new life. My English teacher would always call me the “food ninja” and I was so sad to see that the name is already taken -.-‘ So I decided to call it “le food ninja” instead lol. It probably sounds a bit stupid but oh well… I’ll probably learn to love it.

Anyways, I dunno if anyone in this world is ever going to read this blog but I don’t care… I’m just gonna post a bunch of stuff anyways. About all the things I like. But first, I should probably pass the IB.


  • Emmy

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