Why I’ve Started a Blog

At first I decided I wouldn’t write this post. Why? Because I thought it probably wouldn’t be interesting for anyone to read. But you know what? I shouldn’t care about that. Instead, we should all just write whatever we want to write. How many comments or likes the post will get doesn’t matter. So here we go. The reasons I’ve started this blog (and why you should too, cuz it’s awesome)

1. Writing is relaxing

At this exact moment I’m writing this, I’m currently sitting in my living room with my laptop, a snack and a cup of green tea. I just came home from school, and even though I’m tired, writing on my blog is actually quiteĀ de-stressing. I genuinely consider this a break from my busy life.

2. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want

FREEDOM! It’s YOUR blog and YOUR life. There’s no boss, no deadlines and no expectations (except for your own). Sure, if blogging is your full-time job, you’ll end up having some responsibilities, but other than that, there’s a lot of freedom to blogging. I love that I don’t have to spell everything correctly or always write about the most intellectual or interesting things. It’s all for me to decide, yayyy šŸ˜€

3. The community

Now, I haven’t had this blog for very long (max a couple days lol). However, to my surprise, there are people commenting on my posts and they simply make my day! In the blogging community you can give and receive a lot of support and love, and I really love this aspect of blogging. Writing my own posts is great, but I actually enjoy reading other people’s blogs just as much!

4. It’s personal, but doesn’t have to be too personal

I’ve always loved making videos. As a child I made skits, short films, cartoons etc. In fact, my parents and siblings have actually encouraged me to put videos on YouTube because I love making videos so much. There’s just one lil’ problem. I’m a bit shy about putting myself and my face out there on the internet. It’s not like I’m insecure or anything, but I do value my privacy right now. Maybe I’ll make videos on YouTube some day in the future, but for now I really enjoy keeping myself to writing on ma lovely blog šŸ˜›

5. Creativity on a roll!

Yeah, I know, this post might not be the most creative post you’ve ever seen. But since I’ve started my blog, I’ve been writing down a lot of ideas and many of those things I’ve seen or experienced have really inspired me. There’s a lot of fun posts coming up, so stay tuned šŸ˜‰ Ever since I started doing the IB, I haven’t really done much creative stuff. But now, I feel like being more creative again, which is great! Maybe I’ll even start drawing again, who knows? I hope that this blog will help me become more creative and remember to take some time off from working all the time.

6. Getting a lil’ ambitious

As of right now, my blog is pretty boring. It looks simple and nice, but I’m already starting to get some ideas on how to improve it and keep challengingĀ myself. I hope that months from now, my blog will have evolved and turned into something that I’ll be really proud of.


Do you have a blog as well? If yes, why are you blogging? Don’t forget to send me a link to your blog so that I can check it out šŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading,

  • Emmy xoxo

The Little Joys in Life

These days, I’m going through a quite anxious time in my life. My final exams are just around the corner, and I’m daily feeling a lot of mixed emotions. I’m excited, scared, happy, sad, anxious, relaxed, grateful, insecure, ready to take on the world, and the list goes on… All at the same time. At first, I felt like writing a post complaining about how stressful all of this feels. But instead, I’ve decided to write out a list of these little joys in my life that I’ve either experienced lately or maybe even daily. So here goes!

1. Eating Delicious Meals Every Single Day


Now, I’m a HUGE foodie. I appreciate every single meal I have but I do consider myself especially lucky, since my mom is an amazing cook! She rarely cooks the same meal twice. I literally eat something different for dinner every single day except a few favourite meals šŸ˜‰ Also, I take my time to cook really nice meals for myself for breakfast and lunch. I’m gonna make a post all about my breakfasts in the future so stay tuned!

2. I Love My School And My Friends

My school may not look like much, but I’ve gotta say that I love it. Two years ago, I went to a high school that I absolutely hated. I’m so fortunate that I got to change schools and meet so many new friends. I’ve learned so, so much and it’s the first school I’ve went to that I truly loved. I’m blessed to get an education and I even get it for free (education is free in Denmark – even universities!!!). Most importantly, I have the best friends ever and nothing in this world could ever replace them ā¤

3. I’ve Spent Easter With My Whole Family

I love my family to pieces. This Easter, we all got together and they’re a huge part of my life. Every time we get together, we learn something new about each other, because we can talk openly about anything and everything. I still suck at expressing my feelings from time to time, but we always do our best to open ourselves up and I think that’s really important.

4. Video Games

There will always be those people who think that video games are stupid, but I’ve just got to say: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES! They’re truly one of my joys in life. I know I should’ve been studying during the Spring break, but I did take out a few hours to play Alien: Isolation.

5. K-Pop And Korean Entertainment

Some people are gonna LOVE this and some people are gonna HATE this, but: I’m BTS trash. THERE! I’VE SAID IT! I’m BTS trash. Other than that, I’ve been a big fan of k-pop since way back when SHINee were still singing “noona neomu yeppeo” and I also love Korean entertainment in general. Yesterday, I watched last year’s Korean blockbuster calledĀ AssassinationĀ with my sister. If you haven’t seen it, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! It’s pure gold. Thank you internet for giving me access to entertainment from the other side of the world ā¤

6. Children’s Movies

Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, I don’t care, I love it all! Children’s movies make the world a better place. My personal favourite is The Lion King. Nothing beats that movie, srsly.

7. Surprises!

We are met with surprises all the time! Surprises can of course both be positive and negative, but I still wanted to include this. I really value surprises. In fact, I can’t wait to find out what surprises tomorrow will bring.


What are your favourite little joys in life? Don’t hesitate to let me know! ^_^

Thanks for reading,

  • Emmy xo




Maybe I’m not French?

Cultural Identity Can Be a Difficult Thing

This topic is something that is very close to my heart. It’s difficult for me to talk about it, so I thought, why not write about it? I could write over a hundred pages about this, but I’m just gonna start off with this blogpost. Personally, I feel like this is a touchy subject, so please read with an open mind ā¤

I have two passports. One is French, and the other one is Danish. My parents always told me that that was what I was. French and Danish, simple as that! However, when I started in school, things were not this simple. While my mom is indeed raised in France, she is actually adopted from Korea. So whenever I met other children, they would ask me: “Are you Chinese?”,”Are you adopted?”, “Do you speak Japanese?” and the list goes on. Even to this day, I can tell some people that I’m Danish and French and they simply won’t believe me. Instead they’ll reply: “No you’re not. You’re Asian, you can’t be Danish.” This is when things get really complicated.

Not French Enough?

Anyways, back to the French part. Growing up, I never learned how to speak French. However, I did grow up celebrating French traditions, eating French foods, watching French movies, listening to French music etc. But I was always extremely insecure because I couldn’t speak the language. I’ve never had a proper conversation with my grandparents let alone my cousins, uncles, aunts and so on. I was always told that I didn’t try hard enough. But I really did. I always had this expectation that I had to live up to being a Frenchman. I ended up being so insecure that I simply blocked the French language out of my life. The French language simply gave me anxiety, making me unable to learn it. I was embarassed and felt like a failure.

HowĀ I Tried To Solve This Problem

Last year, I slowly tried to change. I started at a new high school, and I wanted to have French as a subject. There are two different levels. The beginner’s class and the advanced class. I visited the advanced class to see what it was like. There were only two students, and the teacher “forced” me to take the advanced class since I was technically half French (maybe she just wanted to have more students lol). I wanted to learn French really badly, so I thought I’d give it a try. At school, I could learn French in peace. The expectations weren’t too high (not like how it felt whenever I was around my family in France). I felt like I could make mistakes, and it was okay. Of course I sucked at French compared to the two other students, but I just tried to soak in as much as I could during class. I learned A LOT. And I did it FAST.

Today, I can proudly say that I can write and speak French. Not like a native, obviously, but these days I actually speak French with my mom. She’s very proud of me, and so am I. I still have a few problems and feel insecure from time to time if I experience some kind of trigger. However, I’m in a much better position today than I was last year. I cannot thank my French teacher enough!

So What Am I Then?

Well, now that I can somewhat speak French, can I call myself a Frenchman? Honestly, I don’t think so. I will never really be 100% French. It’s just not me. Does that make me 100% Danish then? No. I’m just myself. Like a “Casserole Mix”, as one of my friends call it lol. I’ve been influenced by so many different cultures growing up, and I’m a mix of different ethnicities too. If I decide to live in France for 20 years, yeah, maybe I could call myself a Frenchman. But honestly, it’s up to myself. In my heart, I simply don’t feel French. All these years, I’ve grown up expecting myself to live up to being something that I’m actually not, which caused a lot of difficulties throughout my life. I might change in the future and find a more specific identity, but today, I will simply call myself a Casserole Mix haha xD.

So, what are you? Don’t hesitate to comment and let me know ^^


  • Emmy xxo

Something About Durians

Durian. Oh, the durian. A true legend when it comes to fruits.

The Childhood Stories

As a child, my parents would often tell me stories about their adventures in Asia back in the beginning of the 90’s. Their stories were so exciting, and are one of the main reasons I am obsessed with travelling to this day.

But especially back then, I was intrigued by the LegendĀ of the Durian. My parents told me that it was this spikey fruit, which smelled like a garbage can. Also, if you consumed alcohol after eating it, you could die(!). In Singapore, it was forbidden to bring it with you in the buses orĀ in the trains. However! My parents said that the fruit was extremely delicious and that my dad would eat them all the time. Even in ice cream form! So my parents bought loads of durians to bring home with them to Denmark. However, since durians smell really bad, they weren’t allowed to bring them along to the airport šŸ˜¦

Ever since then, my sisters and I had been dreaming of trying this fruit. It was like a main goal in life!

Trying Out the Durian

Finally, as an 18 year old, I visited Singapore for the first time last Christmas. There were a lot of things that I wanted to try, but I had one major goal. Eating a durian. The first time I encountered a durian was in Little India. I walked around the fruit market and there i saw them. The durians! They smelled really bad, but not as bad as I would’ve thought. The stories had maybe been slightly exaggerated. However, that doesn’t mean that the durians didn’t smell bad, because they definitely did.

Some days later, a friend of my dad’s bought us all a round of durians. As previously mentioned, durians are not allowed on buses, so we had to smuggle them home without anyone noticing. Luckily, we succeeded!Ā Now was the time. Finally. I had been waiting for this my entire life!

So I tasted it. It was hot out, so the fruit was a little bit warm. I’ve heard that they taste better when they’re a bit cool. It tasted like onions. I’m not kidding, I seriously think they taste like sweet onions. I don’t know about other people, but it’s the only thing I can think of. Onions. With a little twist of durian, I guess.

So, Do I Like Durians?

Do I like the taste of durians? I guess so. I’m not sure how much I like it. It didn’t taste as good as I imagined, but it tasted better the more I ate it. Well, I guess I do actually quite like it. I also bought some pastries with durian filling. They were great too! Next time I go to a country that sells durians, I’ll probably buy it again for the kicks and giggles. Anyways, I’m happy to have reached one of my main goals here in life. I see the durian as the king of all fruits.

Have YOU Tried Durians?

Have YOU tried eating a durian? If no, would you want to? If yes, did you like it? What about in ice cream or candy form? Lemme know šŸ˜€

  • Emmy

Where do you want to travel?

“At rejse er at leve” or in English “to travel is to live”, are the famous words by the Danish author H.C. Andersen that really resonate within me. But where do I want to go? Well, I’d love to go see the entire world, but there are definitely places that are more within my interest than others. Hopefully I’ll see these places one day. Maybe I won’t. Or maybe in a few years I’ll lose my interest in them or have other priorities. Who knows! But I thought I’d write a few destinations down. Then, in 5 years, I can look back on this blogpost and see if I was able to cross a few places off this list. Anyway, here we go, in no particular order:


I mean, come on, who wouldn’t wanna go to Japan? I want to know if Tokyo is really as crazy, colourful and amazing as it looks in pictures. I want to eat all the foods, search for Simon and Martina of Eatyourkimchi and much, much more. And of course, I need to see all the vending machines! And I have to visit some animal cafĆ©s. Gosh, there are so many things I want to experience in Japan.


Last year I went to Singapore, which was one of the most AMAZING experiences of ma entire lyfe! I was so sad that we flew all the way to Singapore and backĀ without taking a little trip to Malaysia as well. Some of my favourite dishes ever are Malaysian and I know quite a few people that are either from there or have lived there before. Also, I’m a huuuge fan of hot weather!


I feel like, even though India is such a huge country, no one really pays that much attention to it here in Denmark. Well, I haven’t been there so obviously I don’t know much about it either. But when I think of India I imagine it as being a completely different world from what I’m used to. And I need to see that world! Not to mention that I also love butter chicken and parathas to pieces. Also, I haven’t been to anĀ Indian wedding before, but for some reason it’s one of my biggest dreams lol.


Lol I know it seems like I basically just want to visit all of Asia. Which is true… But seriously, Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country after China, India and the US! And yet, I basically know nothing about it! I kinda feel like this isĀ unacceptable. I need to go there and experience what I’ve missed out on during all this time.


To be honest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t really recommend people to go to Israel, as it’s supposedly not very safe? But heck, I still have to go there at some point. Growing up in a Christian family, I’d just really like to see the place where manyĀ the stories I heard as a child took place. Besides, aĀ famous baker thatĀ I likeĀ (Tobias Hamann) just went there for Easter this year. After seeing his pictures, I’m even more interested to go!

The Netherlands

I was always very confused about what I should call this country. In Danish, there is no distinguishment between “Holland” and “Nederlandene”. We basically just call the entire region “Holland” even though it’s actually kinda incorrect. Anyways, when I think of The Netherlands I think of windmills, tulips, weed, etc. I’ve been to a lot of European countries, however, I’ve never been to The Netherlands. When I look at pictures of Amsterdam, it reminds me of Copenhagen. I have this feeling that I would feel very much at home in Amsterdam. But who knows? Better find out šŸ˜‰


Oh well. During the making of this list, I actually realized that I want visit so, so many places. If I were to include every single destination, this post would be almost infinitely long. So I’m gonna stop here and see what the future brings me. Hopefully in a few years I will have visited at least one of the places on this list. But you never know. Maybe I’ll be too poor xD

If anyone’s reading this blog: Where do you wanna go? Where have you been? Do you agree with me or are you interested in completely different countries? Lemme know! šŸ˜€


  • Emmy

The first post

Vandalism (not really) in Belfast, by me >:Dimage

My first class in the IB was an English class. Our teacher forced our class to set up our own blogs, and he would assess our writing skills through the things we would post on there. However, I’m gonna graduate in a little less than two months. So I’ve decided that I want to continue blogging, just for fun, as I’m soon going to move out and start a new life. My English teacher would always call me the “food ninja” and I was so sad to seeĀ that the name is already taken -.-‘ So I decided to call it “le food ninja” instead lol. It probably sounds a bit stupid but oh well… I’ll probablyĀ learn to love it.

Anyways, I dunno if anyone in this world is ever going to read this blog but I don’t care… I’m just gonna post a bunch of stuff anyways. About all the things I like. But first, I should probably pass the IB.


  • Emmy